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  Is The Piano Good Enough?

I would like you all to mentally and visually review the piano in your home to make sure that the instrument is of good enough quality for you or your child to make the progress that all are striving for. At any level of ability, battling an inferior instrument is discouraging to the player, and is one of the primary reasons why some students do not pursue their playing.

Having a tuned instrument, with a pleasing sound and a consistent and even touch, goes a long way towards this goal. One comment that I hear often from parents is that when they see a real commitment from their child, then they will purchase a better piano.  In the meantime, they will make do with a tired old piano. I understand that we all have to budget the expenses of our activities, but realistically the investment in piano lessons will only pay off positively if the instrument that the student is practicing on at home is of good enough quality to reinforce everything that they are working on with their teacher.

I also like to remind parents that this musical activity of playing piano is something that will last a lifetime. We are supportive of recreational sports activities, but often after High School, few students will ever play sports again. Not so with piano playing; it truly is a life-long pursuit.

The high quality upright and grand pianos that I sell in my shop would be a springboard to your student's progress. Ask your teacher to demonstrate on one of these pianos, or try one yourself.