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              Yamaha U3

Here at Atkins Piano, the Yamaha and Kawai uprights are best sellers again this year.   These pianos will enable the student, whether adult or child, to undertake even the most challenging practise regimen and succeed.  Because we go over every piano exhaustively, we are able to offer you a playing experience that differs from most piano dealers, who do not prep their pianos beyond the way they arrive from the factory.  We are piano technicians first and foremost, and our reputation is on the line with every piano we offer for sale.

Yamaha and Kawai pianos are applauded by musicians and piano teachers for their superior quality, and consistently rate at the highest level by independent piano technicians.

            Kawai SA 7E

The upright pianos that we sell are the 48-49 inch studio model, and the 52-53 inch full concert upright. Remember, the taller an upright piano, the more potential for better sound, because within this cabinet a larger sound board and  longer strings can be installed. These uprights are in pristine condition.  They have been thoroughly inspected, tuned, and regulated. The cabinets have either been repolished or refinished. Most of the cabinets are ebony, but mahogany and walnut are sometimes available.

With any piano that we sell, the price includes a new bench.  We will tune the piano prior to delivery, and include a warranty tuning in your home.  We also have a comprehensive warranty for every piano we sell. 

We strongly recommend the installation of the Dampp Chaser humidity control system, and offer a substantial discount if it is installed in your piano prior to delivery.  All the major piano manaufacturers feel that this is a very beneficial step to take in maintaining your piano's structural integrity; our many years of experience in the field have shown that people enjoy their pianos more when they have a Dampp Chaser, because the piano stays in much better tune year-round.

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